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Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating Pro

Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating Pro

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Standard cleaning and disinfection products do not create a long-lasting barrier to prevent surfaces from microbial growth the way that Superstratum does. Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating Pro offers a new shield of protection for your surfaces and can drastically reduce the amount of cleaning that is needed.

Our Smart Polymer Coatings are engineered to provide extreme responsiveness and increased performance in even the harshest conditions. Smart Polymer Coating Pro protection lasts through moisture and abrasion and resists mold and mildew through hundreds of wet and dry cycles and can remain protected for years.

Superstratum can maintain protection from mold and microbe growth in many applications: inside and outside the home, garages, storage units, marine, vehicles, RVs, siding, stucco, wood decks, brick walkways, roofing, drywall, basements, and crawl spaces.

Long-lasting water resistance - Superstratum remains strong in the toughest conditions. The wind, rain, and sun are no match for its toughness. Add this invisible coating on the shady side of your house, those slippery areas by the pool, your deck, in and around your boat. The tougher the application, the better Superstratum will perform.

Non-corrosive, gentle formula - Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating is great for sensitive items like cushions, furniture, drapery, carpet, and more. It won't corrode delicate surfaces and can be removed with an ammonia-based cleaner.

Financial saving & less cleaning - Because Superstratum means protection from mold and microbe growth, regular Superstratum use can slash the amount of time you spend cleaning. Imagine months and years of performance on surfaces that currently require constant cleaning.

High-traffic: shower, bath, and floors - up to 10 weeks.
Low-traffic: walls, siding, and decks - up to 2 year.
No traffic: attic, crawl space, stud cavities - up to 10 years

Endless uses around the home - showers, behind appliances, stucco, decks, patio furniture, flower pots, pet items, carpet, recreation vehicles, storage sheds, stone walls, brick walkways, etc.

Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating Pro is not a cleaner or disinfectant. It is recommended to be applied to a clean surface. When applied to a clean surface the coating will adhere firmly and can remain protected from mold, mildew, and microbe growth for years.

Superstratum Endurance Pro is now Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating Pro.

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In stock at 1309 N 39th St. #109

Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating Pro· 5 gallon

Available for pickup

1309 N 39th St. #109

Usually ready in 1 hour

1309 N 39th St. #109
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