BIO-MAC Call For Pricing

BIO-MAC Call For Pricing

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Say hello to the newest generation of microbial detection and identification equipment. SignaCulture™ detects airborne microbes continuously in real time without reagents or human interaction. SignaCulture™ units transmit microbial data to the Cloud for accessibility by mobile phone or computer.

  • Collects samples and prepares them for identification.
  • A handheld PCR (polymerase chase reaction) device identifies microbes including Covid-19 in less than an hour.
  • Latest technology with internal LED light source and dual fluorescent detectors.
  • Pre-installed microbial library for identification including Covid-19.
  • Machine learning Microbial Identification (SignaCulture learns and adds new microbial signatures to its “memory”) CALL FOR PRICING
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In stock at 1309 N 39th St. #109 · Usually ready in 1 hour

In stock at 1309 N 39th St. #109

BIO-MAC Call For Pricing· Default Title

Available for pickup

1309 N 39th St. #109

Usually ready in 1 hour

1309 N 39th St. #109
Nampa ID 83687
United States


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