NG 5000 Call for pricing

NG 5000 Call for pricing

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NG 5000 Environmental Probiotic Dispersal Unit up to 5000 SQ FT

NEW-GEN Biotics Purifiers are energy efficient, low maintenance and easy to install. They safely nourish indoor air, objects, and surfaces by disbursing a microscopic protective layer of probiotics 24/7.

Invented, and developed in America, NEW-GEN Biotics automatic delivery system technology which uses a probiotic formula solution specifically designed to help fight harmful allergens, dangerous bacteria and deadly viruses (all which can cause illnesses and odors) safely and effectively.

New Gen Biotics deconstruct biofilm, which helps fight deadly viruses by reducing their viability in the air and on objects and surfaces.

New Gen Biotics System is the only one on the market that uses natural environmental probiotics to help control the microflora in any area to create a Healthier environment

UV lights, Ionizers, Ozone and biocide products all kill off the good parts of the microbiome, which we need to be healthy and protected.

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In stock at 1309 N 39th St. #109 · Usually ready in 1 hour

In stock at 1309 N 39th St. #109

NG 5000 Call for pricing· Default Title

Available for pickup

1309 N 39th St. #109

Usually ready in 1 hour

1309 N 39th St. #109
Nampa ID 83687
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